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Sponsor a Child’s Healing from Sexual & Physical Abuse

$110: How you can sponsor healing

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$110. That's how much it costs to sponsor all the counseling sessions needed to begin healing in a child's life.

On average, we find it takes 8-10 weekly 1:1 sessions for a child to reach a better place.

Each year we provide psychotherapy and counseling sessions to help over 100 poor children across the Philippines recover from trauma due to sexual and physical abuse.

Our staff and volunteers at the Sunflower Center offer children physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional support and healing from trauma in a warm, loving, and playful environment. They also work to ensure every child has a safe home by helping children reintegrate with their families or finding new adoptive families when needed.

During this Easter season will you consider sponsoring one or all of the weekly counseling sessions offered by the Sunflower Center?

Breathe hope into the life of a child in the Philippines

sponsor a child



Sponsors 1 Counseling Session


Covers 1 Day of Care at the Halfway Home


Sponsors 1 Month of Counseling Sessions


Sponsors All Counseling Sessions for 1 Child's Recovery


How we are ending child abuse:

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Psychotherapy Intervention and Psychological Assessment

 At our Child and Youth Wellness Center, we offer counseling to children, adults, and their families to help them heal from traumatic experiences and support children so they can live healthy, full lives.

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Safe and Secure
Home For Healing

At the Sunflower Centennial Halfway Home for Boys, we offer a safe, nurturing, and loving home to 11 young boys who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused, and exploited.

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Advocacy For the Children of the Philippines

Through our Sunflower CYWC Advocacy Program, we campaign and collaborate with local government and community organizations for child protection and provide knowledge and skills-based training to help prevent abuse.


Impacted Lives


Children Found Healing From Sexual & Physical Abuse In 2019


Adults & Children Helped Through The Sunflower Center


Children Currently Living In Our Halfway Home



Johnny's Story


The Sunflower Center:


Child and Youth Wellness Center

Staggering levels of poverty and regional instability are two of the factors that lead to an estimated 8 in 10 Filippino children experiencing some form of abuse. The Sunflower Center's Child Youth and Wellness Center offers survivors of sexual and physical abuse and neglect a safe, loving, and playful environment in which they receive professional counseling services to help them heal from the trauma they have experienced. Children typically need between 8-10 therapy sessions to help them begin to thrive and reintegrate into their families.

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Sunflower Centennial Halfway Home for Boys

A nurturing halfway home dedicated to transforming the lives of young boys who have experienced abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Our home offers protection and unconditional love and supports their reintegration into society. We strive to give every boy a fair shot at life by working with families, communities, organizations, residential centers, and concerned professionals to respond to their needs.


Advocacy For the Children of the Philippines

The Sunflower Center works with governmental, community, and non-profit organizations to advocate for all survivors of abuse, to raise awareness about their heartbreaking reality, and to implement policies that will help end cycles of abuse and neglect. Our partnerships help educate everyone from politicians to small family units in an effort to secure a better future for children in the Philippines.

Our 100% Promise

When you give money, you are handing it directly into the hands of a child in need. Every penny you donate goes to support the project of your choice.