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in our mission to meet the most basic needs of the world’s most marginalized children. 100% of your donation goes directly to the field.

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No matter which project you choose to support, your money goes directly into the hands of a child in need. 



St. Jean Bosco School
Location: Haiti

Close to 700 students attend school at St. Jean’s, but many have to leave halfway through the year because they can no longer afford to pay tuition. It costs $120 a year to send a student to school for a year. This cost includes tuition, all books and lunch (for some students this is the only meal they get all day).

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Catholic Education
Location: Dem. Rep. - Congo

Missionhurst is particularly focused on helping those who have been hurt most by the turmoil in the DRC. Over half the country survives on less than $1 a day, and few have access to clean water or education. Our missionary priests are running hundreds of parish schools in the DRC, working to lift children and their families out of poverty through education.

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The Bethany Center
Location: Guatemala

The Bethany Center is a network of ministries dedicated to offering pre and post natal medical care to expectant mothers in Guatemala. We also offer skills training, regular meals, and a place for joyful community for impoverished families who are struggling to feed their children.

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The Sunflower Center
Location: Philippines

The Sunflower Center is a professional ministry based in Baguio City focused on therapeutic healing and psychosocial support for children who have been abused or neglected. We work alongside governmental centers and other non-profit organizations to restore children to families and heal the wounds that keep them from thriving. view projects


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$10/ Month

What it costs to send a
Haitian kid to school.

$50/ Month

What it costs to finish a
roof on a Guatemalan home.

$10/ Month

What it costs to send a
Haitian kid to school.

Our 100% Promise

When you give money, you are handing it directly into the hands of a child in need. Every penny you donate goes to support the project of your choice.learn more

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