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Sponsor Education. Change a Child's Life.

The Fr. Mpiana School serves children in the Matsungu neighborhood of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Families in this remote corner of the city rely on fishing, construction, and gardening to make a living. This work does not pay well and many families struggle to make ends meet.

75% of families in the DRC live on just $1.90 a day.

By sponsoring a child's education, you can help lift them and their community out of poverty. 


Sponsor Education


Our School's Impact in the Democratic Republic of the Congo



Educating a child at the Fr. Mpiana School means:

    • Long-term Success: Children who receive an education are more likely to secure higher-paying jobs in adulthood and provide a stable living for their families. 

    • Stronger Community: Educating the children of Matsungu brings prosperity to the whole community by improving the local economy and helping lift families out of poverty.

    • Equal Access to Education: 52% of girls aged 5-17 in the DRC do not attend school. At the Fr. Mpiana School we help achieve equal access to education for all students through our donors' generosity. 195 of our 300 primary school students are girls. 

    • Clean Water: Students and families at our school have access to clean water, something that is not always available in this remote area.

$200 = 1 child goes to school for a year.

It costs $200/year to educate a child at the Fr. Mpiana School.  

Can't give $200? Any donation, of any amount, contributes to the education of a child and builds up the community around our school.



100% of every donation goes directly to sponsoring a child's education in the DRC.



100% of every donation goes directly to sponsoring a child's education in the DRC.

27 Children. 2 Years. $10,800.



At the Fr. Mpiana School, 27 children in grades K-6 need generous sponsors to cover their tuition for the next two years. At $200 per student each year, we need to raise $10,800 to ensure a stable future for these children.

Will you help one of these 27 children stay in school?

Sponsor a Child



Our 100% Promise

When you give money, you are placing it directly into the hands of a student in need. Every penny you donate goes to support the students at the Fr. Mpiana School.