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We work to promote education through our parochial schools.
We believe that it brings about change in the lives of people.



littleboyjpegA circle of poverty surrounds the city of Erdenet, where 30% of the population lives in urban poor “ger” communities. Many of the children don’t attend school because they lack warm clothing and school supplies, cannot pay lunch fees, and don’t have a warm place to study at home. Some drop out to fend for themselves and their families. Others have become so hopeless that they join the increasing number of street children, who are frequent victims of violence, drugs, and prostitution.

My Home Kindergarten, which was started many years ago and is still supported by Missionhurst, is a refuge in this bleak environment. Today, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, missionary Fr. Pierrot Kasemuana continues to make My Home Kindergarten a welcoming space that provides a safe, warm learning environment for children. The Kindergarten also provides remedial reading and other support services designed to help children succeed, such as a warm lunch each day, as well as a library open to those who want to study with the help of their teachers. 


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