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Our Priests and Brothers
are sent wherever our missionary presence is most needed




We are dedicated to sharing the hope and comfort of the Gospel, while relieving the suffering of our poorest, most neglected brothers and sisters in Christ.


Our priests and brothers are sent wherever our missionary presence is most needed. For more information about our foreign or U.S. missions, click on the links below.



Coming from different countries, we wish to bear witness to universal brotherhood by experiencing our differences as a means of mutual enrichment. This universal brotherhood in Christ, willed by the Father, is lived in apostolic communities made dynamic by our CICM charism.

We live among people of which the great majority is Muslim. In the poor suburbs of Dakar as well as in the northern Sahel region we animate local Christian communities in view of proclaiming and witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ. As CICM missionaries, we intend to meet the poor in their richness, working with them so that the message of liberation might be heard.


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We place ourselves at the service of first Cameroon.jpgevangelization by building and animating small Christian communities, privileged places where the proclamation of the Good News can be lived, and by training lay leaders.

We take part in the people's development and human promotion, in their will to take their own responsibility, and in their struggle against all forms of injustice and oppression.


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Our missionaries of different races and cultures live and work together as brothers in order to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever it is most needed. We achieve our mission when we facilitate the encounter between Jesus Christ and the "nations". Our mission includes enabling people to experience the coming of the Kingdom - proclaimed by Jesus Christ - in their own God-given context.


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kasayi.jpgCalled and sent to proclaim the Good News of salvation we commit ourselves henceforward:

  • To be a sign of the Kingdom by living the CICM solidarity among us and the universal fraternity among us and with the people
  • To commitment to the poor of this world, with a preferential love for any task on their behalf, following Christ's example
  • To a continuous dialogue with the local Church we serve to live the evangelical values as brothers
  • To mobility to be able to respond to concrete situations which present themselves among the people and in the particular Churches.


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