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The power to do so is in your hands. Are you prepared to take steps now to create your will?

A will is a legal directive that establishes your wishes regarding your estate. It assures that your assets will be distributed fairly, in the manner that you expressly set forward. It is not a preparation for death, but a plan for the future—a way to extend ourselves beyond our earthly years. By doing something about your wishes now, you can protect those you love and be assured that your affairs will be handled the way you want: giving you and your family peace of mind.


Your Faith in Action — For Future Generations

Preserving the Legacy That Matters Most to You & Your Loved Ones

Make a Legacy Commitment

Are_Priest_Still_Effective_Missionaries-1WHO WE ARE:

800 Catholic Missionaries...

... priests and brothers from 20 nations: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Zambia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United States; working all over the world in close cooperation with other Christians and non-Christians.

Our institute is the “Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” (Latin abbreviation: CICM). Belgian priest Théophile Verbist founded the congregation in 1862. Missionhurst is the name of our headquarters in the United States.

Missionhurst seeks to serve in those areas that are particularly affected by political instability, climate harshness, and/or lack of social and natural resources. We help and serve the poorest of the poor.

Since our foundation, more than 2,000 CICM missionaries have died in the service of the missions; 42 of them were martyred.

Legal Title: Missionhurst, Inc.


231 PRIESTS AND BROTHERS continueFr-Geraldo-with-Children the work in Asia, serving in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Mongolia. They spread the word of salvation through schools and correspondence courses and administer in parishes to a steadily increasing number of Chinese Christians. They make the presence of God more tangible in the Philippines. Through their tireless labor of love, they have brought Christian education to thousands of boys and girls. Many of these young people have become priests or have entered the religious life, several of them becoming missionaries.

203 PRIESTS AND BROTHERS preach and teach God’s word and work for the socioeconomic development of the people of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Senegal, Zambia and the Central African Republic. Through a tremendous variety of apostolates they bring the Gospel to life, especially through the formation of priests and lay leaders and catechists who animate whole communities with the love of Christ.

111 PRIESTS AND BROTHERS are serving SOUTH OF OUR OWN BORDER in Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil and in the Caribbean islands of Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. There they have found an unlimited field for helping the poor and the vulnerable. They constantly search for opportunities to make the oppressed aware of their human dignity and to lead them in the light of the Gospel.

IN ALL THESE AREAS, with the help of people like you, MISSIONHURST is able to bring Christ’s message of salvation to millions of people and to better their human existence through hundreds of projects like training centers for catechist-leaders; hospitals, clinics, dispensaries; agricultural and technical schools; rehabilitation centers for children; and many more. For all of this, your valued support is needed. AT THE SAME TIME, we must make sure that the missionary work can continue by educating NEW PRIESTS and BROTHERS, here and in the Missions. And for this too, substantial help is greatly needed.


Make a Legacy Commitment



prayer-in-time-of-pandemic-1Make an appointment with an attorney, and then some preliminary steps include:

  • Make a list of assets to include all personal property such as home, automobile, artwork, furnishings, etc.; insurance policies & names of beneficiaries; pensions or profit-sharing plans; real estate (held jointly or singly); stocks & bonds and how registered; cash and bank accounts (held jointly or singly).

  • Decide and make a list of the beneficiaries of your estate; provide names, addresses, and their relationship to you.

  • List charitable or religious institutions you wish to include; provide the corporate name and address. If you wish to designate a portion of your estate for masses offered for yourself or others (or if you have other special intentions), Missionhurst missionaries will celebrate these masses for you.

  • Choose an executor and an alternate: provide names and addresses. Briefly, the role of executor is to collect your assets, pay your debts, file necessary tax returns, pay the taxes and distribute your estate in accordance with your will, all under court supervision.

  • Provide the name & address of whom you wish to serve as guardian to any minor children.

  • If you already have a will, it is advisable to review it with your attorney periodically—approximately every two years.

“This is the heart of the matter: whoever has received from the divine bounty a larger share of blessings––whether these be corporal or external or gilts of the mind––has received them to use for his own perfection, and, at the same time, as the minister of God’s providence, for the benefit of others.”

(Leo XIII “Rerum Novarum”)


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