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Interview with Fr. Bavon, a Missionary in Haiti
Sponsor the education of a St. Jean Bosco School student in 2017.

Fr. Bavon, headmaster of St. Jean Bosco, explains the importance of education and school sponsorship for the children and families in Bois de Laurence, Haiti.


Interview with Fr. Stanley, a Missionary in the Dominican Republic
How Can You Help Missionhurst CICM Missionaries?

Father Stanley, a Missionhurst CICM missionary located in the Dominican Republic, explains how you can help support all those they serve around the world.


Interview with Fr. Dundu, a Missionary in Indonesia
The Hardships of Missional Living in Jakarta, Indonesia

Fr. Dundu Ananias explains the struggle of trying to spread the Gospel in a country where Christians are the religious minority and laws restrict religious expression.



Front Lines brings you a digest of the latest news on missionary efforts from every corner of the world. If we want to be truly catholic (universal) in our faith, we must do what we can to become aware of what is going on in the universal church, especially in places where the faith is in its fledgling stages or is under attack. Get updates on policy changes, religious freedom efforts, and areas of evangelistic progress that need your prayer delivered to your inbox every Tuesday. 

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