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Meet Our Missionaries

Fr. Andrew

Quick Facts About Fr. Andrew

Birthplace: Philippines
Joined Missionhurst-CICM: 1996
Ordination: 2003
                      Locations: The Pastor at St. Jude & St. Simon in an inner-city slum area of Port-au-Prince
Mission: Child education and programs for pregnant and abandoned women.  

Fr. Andrew's Story

“Five years after the devastating earthquake of 2010, the struggle continues in Haiti as residents seek to

rebuild their lives.  Many have lost hope of restoring what they lost, only to surrender to acceptance of cherishing what little is left of their fragile lives.”


Fr. Andrew says his work in Haiti has taught him that Mission work is really about being willing to do the small things — serve the Lord’s children by addressing their daily needs of food, shelter, and authentic love. While Haiti has fallen out of the spotlight of the media’s attention, the tangible suffering and palpable brokenness is a daily reality that Fr. Andrew and his mission team have, sadly, grown accustomed to.

Although a long journey from home (the Philippines), Fr. Andrew believes that Jesus has sent him to the people of Haiti to meet them wherever they might be at. Although far from easy, he is tremendously confident that he is right where the Father wants him. While days and nights can be challenging, the spirit of hope for fully-restored Haiti is strong!

Where Fr. Andrew Works

Fr. Andrew works in Delmas, which is a huge inner-city slum area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He serves the people of Haiti daily by helping to restore a corrupt-education system, cater to the needs of pregnant and abandoned women, while also servicing the needs of his congregation.


As the 2015 election looms over Haiti, the burden of life and economic collapse falls heavily on poor families who are already struggling to survive the demands of daily life. I have noticed an increase in the number of people begging for help in the parish. More and more mothers are coming to the parish asking for food, money for rent or for their children’s education, employment, or anything to live on. The misery continues and it seems to grow ever more apparent.”


Fr. Andrew works with other missionaries and members of his parish to garden so that the hungry might have fresh fruits and vegetables to eat on a regular basis. He also helps to regularly assist the needs of the St. Jude & St. Simon Parish’s Medical Clinic that he helped to open back in July of 2012. This medical clinic relies on the generous donations from sponsors and volunteers from around the world in order to remain operational.


“We offer medical care to pregnant woman and help people with chronic ailments like hypertension and diabetes. Today, we are extending our services beyond just that of medical care — we are also offering to counsel women with unplanned pregnancies.”


Mission work is really about being willing to do the small things.

FR. Andrew'S Prayer RequestS


“It is my hope that one day the Haitian families will live on their own, fully sustained. It is my wish that one day, young women will no longer be compelled to offer their bodies in exchange for a job or some other help. I pray that one day mothers will not have to worry about the safety of their children as they leave for and return from school. These simple realities remain difficult and challenging to many within Haitian society today.”

Your prayers — along with your caring monthly gift —  will enable Fr. Andrew and his fellow missionaries to continue to love, serve, teach, and pastor the abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable people of Haiti.

“Our mission work has only been made possible because many of you have opened your hearts to pray for, and financially support, our efforts here in Haiti. May the Lord inspire our government leaders here in Haiti seek to address the daily needs of Our Lord’s children both materially and financially.”


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