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Stewardship Report (Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Income and Expense)

Contributions 837,283 58.00%
Legacies and Bequests 397,103 28.00%
Mission Appeals in Parishes 180,097 13.00%
Investment Income 14,917 1.00%
Total 1,429,400 100.00%
Program Services: Pastoral Work 497,984 36.00%
Missionary Support 153,476 11.00%
Education Projects 41,242 3.00%
Development Projects 62,295 5.00%
Relief and Health Care 21,696 1.00%
Publication - Magazine 124,173 9.00%
Total 900,866 65.00%
Supporting Services
Fund Raising 286,073 21.00%
Management and General 185,896 14.00%
Total Supporting Services 479,622 35.00%
Net Total 1,373,837 100%
Net Assets-Beginning this year319,459
Income exceeding Expenses55,563
Net Assets-End of year375,022

To summarize, expenses as a percentage of total income received were:
65% for Program Services (Mission)
21% for Fund Raising (includes postage, paper, supplies, production, etc.
14% for Management and General Purposes
Missionhurst, Inc. is a non-profit corporation exempt from the Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for charitable contribution deduction by individual donors.
Board of Administration
Rev. Joe Giordano, cicm
Rev. Randy Gonzales, cicm
Rev. Charles Phukuta-Khonde, cicm
Rev. William Wyndaele, cicm
Rev. Leo Zonneveld, cicm
Mrs. Ann Quirk
Dr. Arthur Meiners
IN ADDITION to the projects funded Missionhurst also:
Supported education to the priesthood and forwarded gifts designated for individual missionaries or projects amounting to $324,663.
Provided many of our priests in the missions with Mass offerings amounting to $10,423.
Published Missionhurst Magazine four times a year to foster missionary awareness in our country.