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Monthly Donation Cancellation

Monthly Donation Cancellation Request

Our team here at Missionhurst is very thankful for the support we receive from our advocates each year— both financially and spiritually. It is because of our loyal donors that we are able to make lasting impact on the lives of those in various regions around the world such as Guatemala, the Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, and many more. Your partnership brings hope not only to our missionaries, but to the ones who are suffering from poverty, illness, violence, and other unfortunate situations.

While we appreciate your partnership, we also understand that our donors are not always able to continue their financial contributions. If you would like to cancel your recurring monthly donation to our organization, we ask that you simply fill out the form on the right-hand side to formally submit your cancellation request. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after to recognize your request.

Again, we are so very thankful for your support and kindness and wish you nothing but the best during this new year! 

Fill Out The Form Below to Cancel Your Monthly Donation